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President's Blog

Find Your Match 2019 Vancouver
February 14, 2019

Like many successful Doctors of BC initiatives, Find Your Match (FYM) started from a place of need: medical students wanted more information...

Upcoming Events

February 26, 2019
Vancouver, British Columbia
The Joint Collaborative Committee's (JCCs) pre-forum event – ‘The Power of Togetherness’, provides the opportunity to share and learn, with 40+...

Where Do I...

Doctors Making a Difference

January 30, 2019

If not for Dr Marius Pienaar pushing the wrong elevator button, northwest British Columbia might have been deprived of the services of a...

Hot Health Topics

February 14, 2019

A second case of measles has been confirmed in BC, and health officials are urging British Columbians to review their immunization status, and get...