Our President - Dr Kathleen Ross

Dr Kathleen Ross, 2019/2020 President of Doctors of BC

Dr Kathleen Ross doesn’t recall ever wanting to be anything other than a doctor.
“I love my job. Even on the most fatiguing, overworked day, I simply can’t imagine committing myself to any other profession.”
She is a family physician based in Coquitlam, BC, where she has been committed to her patients for 26 years. 
Dr%20Kathleen%20RossDr Ross’ medical career has been varied from the start, and today you could say she really has three part-time jobs: family medicine, obstetrics, and open heart surgical assist.
“I’ve been able to balance what I love about family medicine and its broad skill set with the technical aspects of obstetrics and open heart. In family medicine, I love the multi-generational aspect; in obstetrics it’s about bringing new life into our world and being part of something wonderful; and in heart surgery it’s the technical component that I find exciting. All these elements have kept my interests alive.”
Though due to competing time commitments, Dr Ross has had to step back from surgical assisting in the last year.
She steps into the role of President after holding such positions as a Doctors of BC Board member, Vice President of the Royal Columbian and Eagle Ridge Hospital Medical Staff Society, Founding Member and Chair of the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice, Chair of the Pathways Patient Referral Association, and Physician Leader of the Fraser Northwest Shared Care Committee.
Throughout her term as President, Dr Ross will focus on three key elements: 
  • Engagement with physicians
  • Unity and the importance of equity, diversity and inclusivity within the profession
  • IT and technology and how it can improve physicians’ workflow and their interactions with patients
“The secret to being successful now and in the future is to listen to all our physician voices and perspectives. I want to hear from you directly about your passions, your visions, and your innovative solutions. This is essential to lead meaningful change and to ensure physicians continue to be a profession of influence – both on an individual level for our patients and more generally as we continue to develop a sustainable health care system.”
Dr Ross’ one-year term as President began June 1st, 2019. To contact her, please email and follow her on Twitter @DrKathleenRoss1.

For a transcript of Dr Ross’ inauguration speech, click here.