Dr. Elisabeth Crisci and Dr. Shauna Tierney
November 16, 2020

Victoria Hospitalists Dr Elisabeth Crisci and Dr Shauna Tierney have been unwavering in their pursuit of a new kind of care for patients. Now, their passion project is about to become a reality with the BC Government’s launch of Hospital at Home across the province.


October 20, 2020

During the dark, early days of the pandemic, Dr Sarah Freedman’s mood was as grey as a Vancouver rain. 

“It was a really heavy time and I felt as if I needed joy in my life,” said Dr Freedman, a Vancouver-based pediatrician. “I watched videos of the Toronto and Calgary physicians’ choirs...

Dr Cathy Clelland
October 6, 2020

After a review of existing primary care guidelines for some of the more common cancers, such as breast and colorectal cancer, Dr Cathy Clelland, BC Cancer Primary Care Program Medical Director saw a gap in primary care guidelines for prostate cancer. The guidelines are meant to curate best...

Dr Carol Ward
August 12, 2020

As a first year medical student at Queen’s University, Dr Carol Ward’s interaction with an elderly patient named Anna shaped the way she practices geriatric psychiatry.

“I have a very visual memory,” Dr Ward said, thinking back to that day more than 30 years ago when she went on her first...

Doctors Making a Difference Dr Kathy Lee
June 24, 2020

Dr Kathy Lee remembers the exact moment when she decided to work from the inside out to improve the health care system for physicians as well as for patients.

Eight years ago, on the morning of a scheduled surgery, a waterpipe burst at Surrey Memorial Hospital, flooding operating rooms. ...