The Practice Support Program (PSP) aims to improve care for patients throughout the province and to increase job satisfaction for BC doctors.

The PSP has successfully developed inventive and effective tools and techniques to enhance clinical and practice management and to support better delivery systems of patient care.

With its flexible delivery models, the PSP provides CME-accredited training, support, and education for physicians and their medical office assistants through:

  • In-Practice Supports: individualized ongoing support, including coaching, to implement changes and sustain subsequent improvements in doctors’ practices 
  • Learning Modules: physician-led group training sessions in nine key areas of care 
  • Small Group Learning Sessions: groups of doctors who meet to discuss, discover and share learnings about local and clinical quality improvement work as often identified by doctors as a need, opportunity, interest, or perceived gap in care 
  • Peer Support Network: clinical and program expertise shared by physicians and other experts with their peers 
  • EMR Optimization: expanded application and utilization of advanced EMR functionality focused on the uptake of EMR-enabled tools and processes in front-line medical practices 
  • SFU Leadership and Management Program: a foundational program designed to build or enhance physician leadership and management capacity 

A joint initiative of the Government of BC and Doctors of BC, the PSP was initially a program of the General Practice Services Committee. Today, the PSP also receives support from two additional collaborative committees: the Shared Care Committee and the Specialists Services Committee.

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