public health

Dr Jesse Kancir
February 20, 2020

For some, a career in medicine is bred in the bone. For others, like Dr Jesse Kancir, medicine was never a consideration until a serious industrial accident, during what he calls his “failed” lumberjack moment, peeled his hand open like an orange. 

After months of recovery and...

August 31, 2018

Be Active Every Day is the  annual Doctors of BC initiative to help kids be more active and make healthy choices. Now in its 7th year, Be Active Every Day has continued to grow with more than 5,800 students in 66 schools challenged in 2017 by 48 doctors and resident doctors...

Cambie or not Cambie
July 16, 2018

The recent injunction by the Cambie Surgery Corporation has brought its court case to new light, and has renewed the debate over how to fund our healthcare system.

On one hand, I have heard from those who feel that only a fully publicly-funded system can provide universal access...