Dr Eric Cadesky

Dr Eric Cadesky, 2018-19 President, Doctors of BC

Dr Eric Cadesky has always found meaning in serving and helping others, though it wasn’t until an undergraduate research internship at the Hospital for Sick Children that he saw first-hand how rewarding a life in medicine could be. He was inspired by a supervisor at the hospital and his amazing work with children. “He was someone I really looked up to. I respected how he cared for people, and how he integrated his work into his life.”

After completing his medical studies at McGill University in Montreal, Dr Cadesky packed his suitcase and booked a one-way ticket to Vancouver – where twelve years later he continues to practice family medicine, something he really enjoys.

“During my residency rotations, I enjoyed everything about family medicine. I felt primary care brought together the best of everything while also providing me the opportunity to work with children – a true passion of mine driven by a desire to make a positive difference in their lives.”

Dr Cadesky steps into the role of President after holding executive board positions such as Chair of the General Assembly and Honorary Secretary Treasurer. He sees his involvement with Doctors of BC as an opportunity to bring about change for the profession but also for patients throughout BC. “As one doctor in my practice, I can help and support my own patients. But through Doctors of BC, I can help and support all 13,000 doctors in our province in their ability to provide quality care for all patients.”

Dr Cadesky has a focus on diversity and inclusion, and the role they play in helping unite the profession and improving how BC physicians care for their patients.

“We live in a diverse world, and each one of us has unique experiences and priorities. As President I will focus on celebrating the diversity in our opinions and how including the voices of all groups gives way to new ideas. Let’s move past our differences and focus on what unites us – that we are skilled, dedicated healthcare professionals working hard to provide the best care possible. There will be differences along the way, but we can discuss them through respectful dialogue.”

Dr Cadesky also hopes to use technology to communicate and engage with members. “We can’t wait  for others to decide what will happen to our profession. Social media and electronic communication provide us with ways to listen to members and work together with our common vision.”

Dr Cadesky’s one-year term as President started June 2nd, 2018. To contact him, please email president@doctorsofbc.ca and follow him on Twitter @drcadesky.

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